Shinkansen & Toyokawa

These posts are super late. I’ve been really busy and traveling all over Japan, so I’ll fill you in on what I’ve been doing since my post from Harajuku!!

After Harajuku (and I’m talking next day here) we take the Shinkansen. (Which, in my opinion, is the most irritating and expensive way to travel, but also extremely convenient when traveling through Japan…) I ate my first bento made up entirely of meat and rice (Delicious.) and for those of you who don’t know~ Bento is the Japanese word for “lunchbox.” Bento’s for all those business men who have to ride the Shinkansen at all hours of the day to get to and from their jobs but don’t have enough time to sit down and enjoy a meal. For what they are, they’re pretty good, but they’re the best if they’re homemade. CIMG1561

We hit Toyokawa in a more southern city, Nagoya, where my teacher grew up, and checked in to the hotel. The Shinkansen ride was really long but we saw a lot of scenery (rice patties) and ACTUALLY we all saw Mt. Fuji from the window!! This is rare because Mt. Fuji is almost always covered in clouds because it’s so high up! We had perfect conditions for seeing it!! I didn’t get a picture because we were moving too fast, though…

That night, we had to present our projects to an English class… I did mine on New York City because Japanese people LOOOVE NYC. But when I got there I got SO. NERVOUS. that I did like…the worst ever on my project. By this point, our T.A. was starting on her power trip, where she decided that we were all her “kids” and that she had to “take care of us” if by taking care of us she meant treating us like 5 year olds and pretending she was God’s gift to the Japanese language. Now picture this girl bragging about her language abilities to people born…in Japan. Good stuff.

CIMG1565 Regardless of how my project went, the people were VERY friendly and LOVED talking to us. They spoke English and we spoke Japanese. It was really fun, and the food was pretty good…but I have to say, I ate some weird tofu soup thing that was the grossest thing I’ve ever slurped into my mouth. It was like tofu yogurt in soy sauce. Gross.

The fish was really good though. Sashimi is my favorite! The people we ate with were really cute, the girl sitting next to me REALLY liked Disney and the guy who came over to sit with me was really friendly. Everyone kept saying he was sexually harassing everyone though… He wasn’t! Haha! CIMG1570

It was a long day! But after bombing the presentation, it was nice to prove to the English class that I wasn’t a COMPLETE moron. They were very good with English, by the way!


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