Harajuku & Ueno Zoo;

We went to Harajuku and Ueno Zoo today. We went to Harajuku first and I had some SERIOUSLY delicious Gyuudon, it’s this beef dish of beef cooked with onions and then put on top of rice. It’s REALLY good. Suzuki-sensei told me that the restaurant we ate at, Yoshinoya, is in New York now! It’s really delicious, but since it’s so cheap, it’s good to eat at…and they serve you a LOT of food. I don’t know if the one in New York is the same though… Everyone bought a lot of stuff in Harajuku, but I didn’t really buy anything… I figure, since I’m here for another two months, I can come back some other time…since there were a lot of cute clothes. My friend Anna is TAing but she sort of rushes everyone through everything….


After that, we went to the Ueno Zoo which is connected (sort of) to Ueno Park. They’re both REALLY pretty. There were a ton of buildings that looked really old, and a nice shrine, so the whole atmosphere was really nice… I really wanted to go but on the way back Anna was over it, so we didn’t get to. I might go back with Sarah though. When we got to the zoo, I saw a giraffe! They’re SO CUTE!! It’s tongue was sort of weirdly long…also they’re blue. I didn’t know! Giraffes really are the most awkward animals! We saw other animals too… but giraffes are my favorite. I got a cute giraffe phone strap too~ and stuck him on my bag… I’m not sure why he vibrates though.


Anyway, we took the train home and ate some REALLY good ramen at this ramen shop run by this old guy who you could TELL had been doing this a while. We hit up the convenience store…the whole front was filled with Gundam stuff I wanted but like, I knew I didn’t need it so I didn’t buy any. Don’t worry!

Tomorrow, we’re leaving Itabashi… I have my presentation on New York, so I’m a little nervous… But maybe if I practice it’ll be okay, right?


If you guys want to see all of my photos from today you should check out it out here. You don’t have to have a facebook account to see them, I think.


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