Asakusa & Shibuya

Yesterday we went to Shibuya and Asakusa, which are both located in the Tokyo area. Shibuya is known for its shopping and music, and Asakusa (I’m pretty sure) is famous for having this big shrine (I don’t know its name though.) There was a Denny’s there too, so that’s where everyone wanted to eat. Naturally. I had Tarako spaghetti, it’s kind of like…fish roe sauce on spaghetti, and I had some of my teacher’s hamburger curry! They were both super delicious.

Ueno shrine

We walked to the shrine and got our fortunes told, but mine was bad. Haha! You tie them on this pole to either get rid of the bad fortune, or bring in the good one. Depending on which one you get. When we were heading back I found a shaved ice stand!! It was only like, 3 dollars but the guy gave you a ton of it. Shaved ice in Japan is like the BEST thing to eat when you’re hot.

Next we went to Shibuya, and we all met around this famous landmark called “Hachiko” he’s this dog statue that has a story about how the dog waited diligently for his master at the station, waiting for him to come home, even after his master had died. HachikoThere’s also this giant shopping center called “Ichi maru kyu” or 109. It’s famous for having cute girls’ clothes! I had sort of set myself up to not fitting in anything in Japan, but my friends made me try on a few things and they actually fit!!! I bought a t-shirt with random English, and this weird vest/dress/zip up thing… It’s really cute. And it didn’t cost much!

We sort of kept going while most of the group went back to the hotel or to Harajuku (another district in Tokyo). But when it came time to go back to the hotel, we weren’t sure which ticket to buy! Luckily, this SUPER nice Japanese girl helped us out. She was studying English, but I think we all had a hard time understanding each other. After shoving onto a train, the three of us got back to Itabashi (where we’re staying) bought some quick McD’s for dinner, and CRASHED! Long day!Ichimarukyu

That’s all for now! These are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken~ I’ll post again soon!

You can find the whole album of pictures here!


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  1. Jon replied:

    Hey Samantha – You’re in JAPAN!? Look forward to hearing of your adventures this summer. Keep an eye out for kawaii – help me to understand why Japan is so freaking wierd. -Jon

  2. Dad replied:

    Love the updates. Email works for me too. Let’s try to time it so we can chat on line thru Skype. I love you, Dad

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