My tiny little room in Narita

My tiny little room in Narita

We touched down in Narita today at around…5ish.  The flight was 13 hours and 20 minutes of some effeminate over eye-linered bro crushing my knees into my body. After what seemed like three days of traveling and praying the guy in front of me would just pull his chair up half an inch, we reached our destination!!

This is my tiny baby hotel room! It’s cute, right? We went out for ramen immediately and I have to say, it was delicious! I also had my first -legal- drink! But only had half. I’m living on the edge here on the other side of the world!!

I wrote this at 3:16 (PDT):Writing this while we fly towards Juneau, Alaska… So that’s like…halfway, right?  The guy in front of me has his seat back (I’m always behind the guy who -out of only two people- has his seat pulled back.) so my knees (and laptop) are crushed for another… 8 hours or something. There’s really no reason to lean back either, I mean…they have NOTHING in front of them.  Just when I think my legs couldn’t fold any more, he pushes his chair back just a little farther.

Initially, I had seats in front of nothing too, but switched so a family could sit together. It’s fine, I’m glad they get to sit together, but I wish I could kick these seats forward!!!

Anyway, not to complain. Things are going relatively well otherwise! I’m trying to get myself to sleep, but even after taking two sleeping pills, no dice.  It doesn’t help that my allergies are off and on and the whole shoving my tall body into a tiny space.

My feet have swollen a little bit so my shoes have started to hurt. Again, whatever!

We’ve only flown 5 hours so we haven’t even reached the halfway point yet! This flight would be incredibly more bearable, if only!!!

We have 4126 miles left.

Tomorrow, we go to Tokyo!

マスク Sarah and I were given masks  in case someone around us or in the airport had H1N1. Luckily, none of us were quarantined!


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