Harajuku & Ueno Zoo;

We went to Harajuku and Ueno Zoo today. We went to Harajuku first and I had some SERIOUSLY delicious Gyuudon, it’s this beef dish of beef cooked with onions and then put on top of rice. It’s REALLY good. Suzuki-sensei told me that the restaurant we ate at, Yoshinoya, is in New York now! It’s really delicious, but since it’s so cheap, it’s good to eat at…and they serve you a LOT of food. I don’t know if the one in New York is the same though… Everyone bought a lot of stuff in Harajuku, but I didn’t really buy anything… I figure, since I’m here for another two months, I can come back some other time…since there were a lot of cute clothes. My friend Anna is TAing but she sort of rushes everyone through everything….


After that, we went to the Ueno Zoo which is connected (sort of) to Ueno Park. They’re both REALLY pretty. There were a ton of buildings that looked really old, and a nice shrine, so the whole atmosphere was really nice… I really wanted to go but on the way back Anna was over it, so we didn’t get to. I might go back with Sarah though. When we got to the zoo, I saw a giraffe! They’re SO CUTE!! It’s tongue was sort of weirdly long…also they’re blue. I didn’t know! Giraffes really are the most awkward animals! We saw other animals too… but giraffes are my favorite. I got a cute giraffe phone strap too~ and stuck him on my bag… I’m not sure why he vibrates though.


Anyway, we took the train home and ate some REALLY good ramen at this ramen shop run by this old guy who you could TELL had been doing this a while. We hit up the convenience store…the whole front was filled with Gundam stuff I wanted but like, I knew I didn’t need it so I didn’t buy any. Don’t worry!

Tomorrow, we’re leaving Itabashi… I have my presentation on New York, so I’m a little nervous… But maybe if I practice it’ll be okay, right?


If you guys want to see all of my photos from today you should check out it out here. You don’t have to have a facebook account to see them, I think.


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Asakusa & Shibuya

Yesterday we went to Shibuya and Asakusa, which are both located in the Tokyo area. Shibuya is known for its shopping and music, and Asakusa (I’m pretty sure) is famous for having this big shrine (I don’t know its name though.) There was a Denny’s there too, so that’s where everyone wanted to eat. Naturally. I had Tarako spaghetti, it’s kind of like…fish roe sauce on spaghetti, and I had some of my teacher’s hamburger curry! They were both super delicious.

Ueno shrine

We walked to the shrine and got our fortunes told, but mine was bad. Haha! You tie them on this pole to either get rid of the bad fortune, or bring in the good one. Depending on which one you get. When we were heading back I found a shaved ice stand!! It was only like, 3 dollars but the guy gave you a ton of it. Shaved ice in Japan is like the BEST thing to eat when you’re hot.

Next we went to Shibuya, and we all met around this famous landmark called “Hachiko” he’s this dog statue that has a story about how the dog waited diligently for his master at the station, waiting for him to come home, even after his master had died. HachikoThere’s also this giant shopping center called “Ichi maru kyu” or 109. It’s famous for having cute girls’ clothes! I had sort of set myself up to not fitting in anything in Japan, but my friends made me try on a few things and they actually fit!!! I bought a t-shirt with random English, and this weird vest/dress/zip up thing… It’s really cute. And it didn’t cost much!

We sort of kept going while most of the group went back to the hotel or to Harajuku (another district in Tokyo). But when it came time to go back to the hotel, we weren’t sure which ticket to buy! Luckily, this SUPER nice Japanese girl helped us out. She was studying English, but I think we all had a hard time understanding each other. After shoving onto a train, the three of us got back to Itabashi (where we’re staying) bought some quick McD’s for dinner, and CRASHED! Long day!Ichimarukyu

That’s all for now! These are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken~ I’ll post again soon!

You can find the whole album of pictures here!

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My tiny little room in Narita

My tiny little room in Narita

We touched down in Narita today at around…5ish.  The flight was 13 hours and 20 minutes of some effeminate over eye-linered bro crushing my knees into my body. After what seemed like three days of traveling and praying the guy in front of me would just pull his chair up half an inch, we reached our destination!!

This is my tiny baby hotel room! It’s cute, right? We went out for ramen immediately and I have to say, it was delicious! I also had my first -legal- drink! But only had half. I’m living on the edge here on the other side of the world!!

I wrote this at 3:16 (PDT):Writing this while we fly towards Juneau, Alaska… So that’s like…halfway, right?  The guy in front of me has his seat back (I’m always behind the guy who -out of only two people- has his seat pulled back.) so my knees (and laptop) are crushed for another… 8 hours or something. There’s really no reason to lean back either, I mean…they have NOTHING in front of them.  Just when I think my legs couldn’t fold any more, he pushes his chair back just a little farther.

Initially, I had seats in front of nothing too, but switched so a family could sit together. It’s fine, I’m glad they get to sit together, but I wish I could kick these seats forward!!!

Anyway, not to complain. Things are going relatively well otherwise! I’m trying to get myself to sleep, but even after taking two sleeping pills, no dice.  It doesn’t help that my allergies are off and on and the whole shoving my tall body into a tiny space.

My feet have swollen a little bit so my shoes have started to hurt. Again, whatever!

We’ve only flown 5 hours so we haven’t even reached the halfway point yet! This flight would be incredibly more bearable, if only!!!

We have 4126 miles left.

Tomorrow, we go to Tokyo!

マスク Sarah and I were given masks  in case someone around us or in the airport had H1N1. Luckily, none of us were quarantined!

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