Hello! こんにちは!

I made this blog for the fams at home (and out and about) so that they could keep track of my Japan-status without having to tackle a new program (Skype) or dealing with international calling rates.

So… Hello family!! (And friends if you’re reading too!) So far we’ve found an apartment for two months in Tokyo. I won’t disclose too much information or anything, but it’s in a prime location! I’ll just say that for now!

The apartment is a small, but definitely enough for two people! People all over Gaijin Pot are giving away futons (they’re a pain to move!) so we’re set for sleeping. We have the application already, all we have to do is put down a deposit!

We leave May 11th (more like, I leave May 11th) and we’re coming back to the states around July 28th.  So far on our agenda is: onsen (they’re hot springs), and Odaiba.

That’s all for now! I’ll write more when we sort out some more details!


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